Society for Economic Development & Environmental Management (SEDEM)

Our institutions are essentially engaged in ​development consulting and research. Our main activities are ​base-line studies, evaluation, monitoring, impact assessment studies and policy studies to support the programmes and projects of the Government of India.

SEDEM has taken up only one private sector assignment for Tata Power Company which had substantial economic, rural and social development contents and SEDEM was selected by Tata’s US business partners, Synergic PLC in 2001.

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Area of Expertise

  • Rural development
  • Public Health and service quality measurement
  • Agriculture
  • Public Education, mass literacy
  • Media and communication
  • Forestry, afforestation, community-based conservation
  • Food and nutrition security
  • Nutrition
  • Malnutrition
  • Social welfare

Skills and Expertise

  • Cross-sectoral programming
  • Evaluation
  • Public Health and service quality measurement
  • Impact assessment studies
  • Statistical analysis
  • Forestry, afforestation, community-based conservation
  • Policy studies
  • Inter-disciplinary research



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